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Jul 14, 2012 11:00pm PDT
like >>> i used to work for half bay fire when cal fire got here i left because of the working conditions and could not support my family. >>> supporters of the recalled the 2700 signatures that on the november ballot if not a special election must be held. lisa washington cbs 5. >>> one home burned to the ground and near the two hundred more threatened by fire in in gold country and the fire scorched more than 1,900 a. in placer county and nine confirmed injuries it is 20 percent contained more than one under seven holmes of fact waited. >>> you have to do what you have to do my life not worth staying here >>> 1900 firefighters battled the flames to the north, crews make steady progress on the fire is burning in the man is seen on national forest it is the to 5% contained that is about 25,000 a. the mill fire has destroyed five out buildings but no homes damaged at three people hurt. crews of to have it under control by friday. keep kids safe the point of the fingerprinting of and today in more quenelle it took place at burnett elementary which serves as a staging area for the
Jul 29, 2012 11:00pm PDT
-held neighborhoods the u.s. secretary of defence said it could be the end of president asides regime. roller-coaster riders got more excitement as they bargained for the new superman roller- coastered got stuck at its high point at six flags discovery kingdom don knapp has more. >>> imagine how scary this was 12 people and to small cars on a narrow track 150 ft. ups stop dead still. trying to move the car by leaning forward and backward and trying to come down. more thrills than they bargained for. passengers were stuck for about an hour-and-a-half and the hot sun they were stuck in the upright position. at the suggestion of workers they tried to rock and jarred the coaster car free as mechanics worked on the wheels firefighters delivered water. the ride inaugurated a month ago is ranked among the tallest rides in the world this video on the six flags web site shows the ride as design. it runs 62 mi. per hour. the ride got stuck at the top and pos scary moments not for those in the air but for those on the ground. >>> and howard into what the crane got up there and once it up there they're t
Jul 8, 2012 11:00pm PDT
shows us one of the races was dedicated to jorge her era. >>> to honor a jockey killed in a horse race the answer at the alameda county fair with a horse race. mid afternoon the fourth race on the last day of the fair four or jorge herrera jockey had raised more than 1000 races on the fourth of july, the horses 10 galt and lure a went down head first and never regained consciousness >>> on a beautiful truck like this to experience it and see it was tough >>> riding the memorial race winner was russell begs who posed with pictures and talked about the jockeys' risk >>> we don't have roll cage and those horses are big and strong things happen things you cannot count on and make plans for >>> former jockey joe hernandez took care of or reyes louis saddle and colors for five years. >>> the only sport with an ambulance that follows you >>> it is not what you have to expect it is out of the blue with none had anything here like this in 37 years. >>> fair organizers said the death of the jockey has not dampened spirits >>> people were hugging each other and resource that but i have not seen n
Jun 30, 2012 11:00pm PDT
include used-car warning stickers the registration requirement for tattoo and body piercing artists and mandatory training for school employees to deal with incidents of bullying. tomorrow bart riders will see a slight increase the fares increase about 1%. it is the last of four inflation based fare hikes. muni begins allowing bus riders to board through the back door. the change in policy designed to speed up boarding process. oakland's crime lab is underfunded and overwork according to the alameda county grand jury, it suggests consolidating with alameda county's crime lab the report found more than 10,000 cases have searchable fingerprints but those parental un searched because of staffing shortages at the grand jury says the lab is too old and too small, it system is inadequate and to track unsolved cases. another accident near the site of a recent federal crash when driver's mistake landed her and her car inside of a restaurant that happened at an ice cream shop on zero grove road in concord. she hit the accelerator instead of the brake and crashed into the ice cream shop durin
Jul 22, 2012 11:00pm PDT
and materials used in the shooting and looking at dozens of deliveries over a four month period >>> we believe this was done by a very intelligent man >>> holmes in solitary confinement his first court appearance monday morning a judge is expected to tell them under investigation for 12 murders teresa garcia cbs news >>> beyond this casualty of the massacre was veronica sullivan, she was 6 years old john blackstone spoke with the youngest year of the 13 year-old who tried to save veronica. >>> at the church in this city the pastor told the story of her was and how of a thirteen year- old struggled to save the life of veronica sullivan the youngest person to die. >>> can you imagine a 13 year- old doing cpr on a 6 year-old boy a tragedy >>> of a thirteen year-old is galen >>> i'm still in shock that has not hit me yet what i have been thrown >>> she went to the midnight movie with four family members and friends including veronica and veronica's mother then the shooting started >>> it was terrifying >>> she went to a simple movie with five people and three of them got shot. >>> when the shootin
Jul 1, 2012 11:00pm PDT
on >>> this way able-bodied can again through the back. >>> other passengers can use other doors other benefits are expected better on-time performance and faster loading and faster trips. if the new plan can tap into the $17 million in yvette if there's it should be a winner. >>> california at of the fed's issue in maternity coverage in health plans new state law in effect today requires all health plans include maternities service. hello signed by gov. brown last year, even at the federal law overturned it would of a shared californians would have maternity benefits. >>> it is a win for women in california but when for california taxpayers. insurance plans will include maternity coverage. >>> a new law part of an eight year effort and the three governors in to secure maternity benefits. looks like mexico's old guard back in power after today's election three exit polls show the candidate of the revolutionary party will be elected president he has about 40 percent of the vote and is ahead of his nearest challenger. it has been out of power for the last 12 years before that it ruled mexico 71 y
Jul 7, 2012 11:00pm PDT
industries. >>> it is like the great infrastructure projects of the past fdr showed us if any job you great infrastructure. you put people back to work and you create something that is useful to all of us. >>> supporters say high-speed rail will take cars off the road but opponents say the first construction will be in the central valley college a train to nowhere. the golden gate bridge could get money for a suicide barrier things to a new federal transportation bill, the first built to contain language to allow funding for suicide prevention on bridges. it does not provide a $15 million needed it makes the bridge eligible for funding for the first time. more than 1500 people have jumped from the bridge since it opened in 1937. a memorial service and san jose religious leaders representing various faiths parade for patients who died at the old santa clara county hospital who died between up to 1935 a family's 42 port 2 a for a funeral they were buried at the long forgotten cemetery. construction crews accident and covered 15 coffins. >>> today is our opportunity to offer prayers and honor
Jul 15, 2012 11:00pm PDT
with hiv/aids at today's aids walk the focus not on money john ramos tells us the goal is awareness especially for new generation. >>> it is important we bring people's memory along. >>> small fragment of the aids quilt 6 in golden gate park reminder for the 20,000 to john the aids walk why they her those too great a the panel's need no reminding. >>> how things work and how scary it was in the early days. none of us knew who would be next. >>> a lot of the one around 30 years ago but you are here to learn and participate in something vital. >>> in the '80s aids considered a death sentence but medical advancements have transformed it to a manageable disease, it has fallen off the headlines and that may have an undesired effect on younger generations. >>> that people my age are relied nonchalant about things >>> did people your age take it seriously? >>> not everyone some see it as a joke. >>> this a it's what raise nearly $2.7 million organizers said it is now just about raising money about awareness. they know the importance of keeping this generation engaged. then maybe the
Jul 21, 2012 11:00pm PDT
occurred to any of us bulls would come through the walls. >>> the girls ran out of the theater with a load again man who performed a selfless act >>> and he waved the paramedics down and told them to treat the more injured victims so he waited a while for an ambulance to rest of the kids that in their two cars and got out of there before the police cordoned it off, they got back to the hotel by 1245 he waited in the lobby until the kids got there, it by that point there are all crying and shaking and we were all crying and shaking, the hotel was wonderful. >>> people keep saying hell lucky she is >>> i feel profoundly grateful my daughters skate and guilty and were saying that some money and their parents who are grieving now. >>> her parents asked the obvious questions she has a not so obvious answer >>> you're not going get them the power to take that away from us, or renting a car tomorrow and driving on and enjoy colorado >>> i spoke by phone with her in colorado this evening they are attending friends the national association of young people who stutter the girls were dressed in gowns
Jul 28, 2012 11:00pm PDT
to santa cruz following a concert lisa washington tells us 2 women fell out. >>> c h p says a 25 girl santa cruz woman was killed when she was run over by the party by sun i was 17 officers say to women were fighting when the door of the bus came open and both women fell out. >>> work on figure out how the bus stores can open the bus driver did not open the doors >>> there is no barrier between the driver and passengers was going to santa cruz from mount feel there were about 15 people on board returned from a concert many had been drinking. >>> they're not cooperative at all if the did not answer questions and highly intoxicated were unsure but holding once they become sober they will be more cooperative and tells what happened >>> c h p officers cannot and a view of the passengers officer said after the accident some passengers got off the bus and ran away. the second woman was 20 years old under the legal drinking age c h p does not know if there were under age drinkers on the bus but that is part of the investigation >>> if ever a that draw on that could have involved the driver everyon
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10